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Communicating Craft articles help educate craft brewers, distributors and retailers on best practices and tools to promote craft beer and craft brewers.

Dissecting Craft Brewer Data

So much has changed in the world of America’s small and independent craft brewers since I became the Brewers Association (BA) craft beer program director in 2007. The segment has grown exponentially as the total …More

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7 Tips to Improve Your Press Release Emails

By Abby Berman Cohen It’s always exciting for me to see news from Brewers Association members. A new beer. A fun event. An April Fool’s joke. I’ve found myself on many breweries’ distribution lists for press releases. …More

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Guild Leaders Predict 2016 Trends

Predictions: Everyone loves them, especially because sometimes they turn out to be right! If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on predictions from those most closely connected to today’s small brewers. Call …More

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Telling Your Story: The Power of PR

This article was originally published in the September/October Sales & Marketing issue of The New Brewer—a bi-monthly journal published by the Brewers Association. By Abby Berman Imagine this scenario: You open up the New York Times to read Eric …More

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