Archived Power Hour

A comprehensive list of past Power Hour Teleconference Series presentations including slides, audio recordings and question and answer scripts.

Reduce Costs by Benchmarking Utility Usage and Waste

In this Power Hour, John Stier, the BA’s sustainability mentor, explains how brewers can use sustainability benchmarking tools to reduce the cost of utilities and waste disposal by tracking their resource consumption on a per-barrel …More

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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

Brewers Association Safety subcommittee members outline necessary steps to ensure the safe handling, storage, and use of compressed gas cylinders in the brewery environment. Virtually all breweries house compressed gas cylinders of some kind, often in …More

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Glass Recycling and Craft Brewers

Glass bottles are endlessly recyclable and can contain over 95 percent recycled content while maintaining structural integrity. In the U.S., however, the average recycled content of glass bottles is only 33 percent and many times …More

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Craft Beer On-Premise Insights: A View from the Bar

In this Power Hour, experts from Nielsen CGA (NCGA) take a look into the latest on-premise trends for the craft beer category in the U.S. and discuss how consumers are interacting with the category. CGA Strategy, Europe’s …More

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Helping Brands Resonate with Diverse Audiences

The craft beer community’s diversity has gotten a lot of attention lately. During this Power Hour, Mike Kallenberger of Tropos Brand Consulting discusses approaches to expanding your brand’s appeal to women, Hispanics and African-Americans. Insights …More

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Hop Industry and Craft Brewing Market Update

In this Power Hour, Brewers Association Supply Chain Specialist Chris Swersey provides an update on the current hop industry and craft brewing market. Chris synthesizes data from the annual BA Hop Survey, Beer Industry Production …More

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