American Craft Beer European Ambassador

The Brewers Association (BA) American Craft Beer European Ambassador, Sylvia Kopp, supports the development of the European market by educating on the importance of quality to American craft beer and brewers, facilitating and fostering relationships between U.S. exporters and European importers and distributors, and promoting the quality and diversity of products offered by the U.S. craft beer industry, U.S. craft beer culture, and proper care and handling for craft beer.

Promoting American Craft Beer Quality Abroad

The American Craft Beer Ambassador promotes the BA’s commitment to quality with an emphasis on the BA-developed Best Practices Guide to Quality Craft Beer. This guide is designed to educate the trade on how to maintain beer in the best possible overall condition.

2017 Schedule

Events Locations  Dates Report
Other events may be added to the schedule
London Beer Academy UK Jan. 30 Coming Soon
Craft Beer Rising UK Feb. 23-25 Coming Soon
Manchester Beer Journal UK Mar. 2 Coming Soon
Barcelona Beer Festival Spain Mar. 24-26
Craft Brewers Conference Washington, DC Apr. 10-13
Great British Beer Festival UK Apr. 8-12
Irish Craft Beer Festival Ireland Sept. 7-9
Drinktec Germany Sept. 11-15
Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Sweden Sept. 28-30/Oct. 5-7
Great American Beer Festival Denver, CO Oct. 5-7
European Beer Star Awards Germany Oct. Judging
Brussels Beer Challenge Belgium Nov. Judging

Sylvia Kopp is one of Germany’s leading beer sommeliers and is a jury member at international beer competitions including the World Beer Cup®, European Beer Star and Brussels Beer Challenge. In September 2014, her book Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book was released by Gestalten publishers in English and German.