Craft Maltsters Guild HACCP and Quality Education

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Craft maltsters play a critical role in promoting and celebrating the small, independent, traditional and innovative culture of American craft brewers.


The Brewers Association awarded grant provides support for the Craft Maltsters Guild to develop educational programs and technical resources for craft maltsters and the wider supply chain. This effort helps ensure a high quality, safe and reliable supply of craft malt for the craft brewing community. It also strengthens regionally focused supply chains that support local farmers, malt manufacturers, brewers and other stakeholders.

The resources that Brewers Association support has allowed the Craft Maltsters Guild to deliver to their members includes an Online introduction to HACCP, a multi-day on-site HACCP course at North Dakota State University (October 6 & 7, 2016) and a multi-day HACCP/PCQI Certification course at Hartwick College (February 2-3, 2017).

Additional resources that have been developed include:

Ten short Malt and Barley Analysis Demonstration Videos addressing:

  • Friability
  • Mill Setting
  • Rapid Color
  • Malt Sensory Method
  • Test Weight
  • Kernel Size Assortment
  • Germination Capacity
  • Germination Energy
  • Moisture Balance
  • Steeping Index

Seven 60-90 minute webinars including:

  • Steeping and Germination Equipment
  • Kilning & Roasting Equipment
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Malting Equipment Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • Drum Roasting
  • Pest Management

Seven additional videos, approximately 60 minutes in length, of expert presentations at Farmer Brewer Winter Weekend 2016 were produced and made available to members; covering the following topics:

  • Kilning
  • Rye Malting Research
  • Malting Barley Breeding for Regions
  • Managing DON from Grain to Glass
  • Brewing with Rye
  • Building a Malthouse QC Program
  • “The New Beer Basket” (Panel Discussion)