Sustainability Mentor

Brewers Association (BA) Sustainability Mentor John Stier plays an important role in the efforts of the BA sustainability subcommittee.

Sustainability Mentor’s Role

John’s role is to help current members and future generations to brew the highest quality beers in a manner that:

  • strengthens the value of their businesses
  • increases the resiliency of the natural environment and agricultural systems that provide the brewing ingredients

Key Responsibility: Benchmarking Project

Stier spearheads the BA Benchmarking Project. His responsibilities include soliciting data collection for the annual BA Benchmarking Report, data verification and input in developing the report. Most importantly, Stier assists BA members as they learn to utilize the BA Benchmarking Tools. The Benchmarking Tools include iEHS Mobile Metrics, software that allows data input from both a desk top computer and mobile device, and the Sustainability Dashboard, interactive software that allows brewers to track energy and water use as well as compare their performance to other breweries with similar annual production.

In addition, Stier is available to help BA members identify simple, quick and sustainable return-on-investment projects in their breweries.

I am excited to expand my role with the BA as the sustainability mentor. My overarching goal is to help the sector continue to grow and produce the highest quality beers in a responsible manner. I am driven by a passion to share my experiences with other brewers to accelerate the path towards increased growth, greater profitability and lower environmental footprints. — John Stier

Stier can be reached at

Stier has over three decades of experience in the brewing sector, including time spent leading the global sustainability efforts for Anheuser-Busch (AB). Since leaving AB in 2008, Stier has worked with a number of leading global beverage companies to develop sustainability strategies and implementation plans that create measurable business value. He has been active with the Brewers Association over the last three years as a member of the BA sustainability subcommittee and is the primary author of the BA Sustainability Manuals.

2019 Schedule

Organizations Locations Dates
If you are interested in inviting our Sustainability Mentor to speak to your state guild gathering, please contact Brewers Association State Guild Manager Acacia Coast.
New Mexico Brewers Guild Albuquerque, N.M. March 29
Craft Brewers Conference Denver, Colo. April 8-11
Texas Craft Brewers Guild Conference San Marcos, Texas July 13
California Craft Beer Summit Long Beach, Calif. September 13