Sustainability Ambassador

The Brewers Association (BA) Sustainability Ambassador Matt Gacioch attends state brewers guild gatherings nationwide to promote the mission of the BA Sustainability subcommittee, encourage use of the BA sustainability manuals, and grow participation in the sustainability benchmarking project. Matt’s goal is to help current members brew the highest quality beers in a sustainable manner—strengthening the value and resilience of their businesses, protecting resources for future generations, and enhancing the communities in which they thrive.

Sustainable Brewing Presentation: Valuable Resources for Operating your Brewery Efficiently

The content includes:

  • Overview of the Brewers Association Sustainability Benchmarking Project and Tools
  • How to put the Brewers Association Benchmarking Tools to work to improve your brewery’s efficiency and bottom line
  • Discussion of the Brewers Association Sustainability manuals which include best practices for energy, water, wastewater, and brewery design and build strategies
  • Sharing industry best practices and brewery sustainability case studies that showcase efficiency gains, operational improvements, waste diversion, cost savings, and more

“The same way that the craft beer industry has reinvented the role of beer in society, it has the incredible opportunity to help reinvent the role of business in creating positive impact,” says Gacioch. “It’s a great honor to join the Brewers Association and its members to help create a new model for our common future!”

About the Ambassador

Matt Gacioch has spent his career exploring the nuance and opportunity of sustainability within the craft beer industry, the built environment, and communities around the world. As the former Director of Sustainability and Marketing for Short’s Brewing Company in Michigan, he created programs and executed sustainable design initiatives on energy, water, and waste, all while working to tell an authentic story of successes and (plenty of) road bumps. He has also worked in sustainability at Left Hand Brewing Company and in the Craft Beer Program at the Brewers Association. He holds an MBA in Strategy & Finance, an MS in Environmental Policy & Planning, and a BS in Environmental Science, all from the University of Michigan. In his day job at stok, an integrated real estate services firm that provides sustainable design and engineering services, he explores the business case and develops strategies for sustainability and wellness in commercial real estate.

Have sustainability questions? Brewery members can reach Matt by email.

2019 Schedule

Organizations Locations Dates
If you are interested in inviting our Sustainability Ambassador to speak to your state guild gathering, please contact Brewers Association State Guild Manager Acacia Coast.
Craft Brewers Conference Denver, Colo. April 8-11
Arizona Craft Brewers Guild Conference Phoenix, Ariz. July 26
Brewers of Pennsylvania Symposium State College, Pa. September 6
Vermont Brewers Association Tech Con Burlington, Vt. October 18
North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild Conference Winston-Salem, N.C. November 5-8