Sarah Wolf

Sarah is projects coordinator for the Brewers Association. She is a member of the association's Market Development and Government Affairs committees. She coordinates content for, manages the seminar program for the Craft Brewers Conference and assist with brewery tracking and membership coordination. Sarah is a beer lover and Certified Cicerone®.

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2015 Board of Directors Election Results Announced

Chairman of the Brewers Association (BA) Board of Directors, Gary Fish, recently announced the winning candidates of the board of directors election. The board of directors govern the activities of the professional division of the BA and other Brewers Association divisions, including the American Homebrewers Association, Brewers Publications and events. In …More

2015 Barley Crop Report

In this Power Hour, Ian Ward of BSG Select Ingredients presents the latest information about the barley crop, both domestic and international, covering yield volume and quality of the current year’s crop.

Craft Beer and Food Pairing Guide

The new Beer and Food Pairing Chart is now published and available for free to download. The refreshed look and information provided in this chart sets out to not only provide suggestions of beer and food combination, …More

Jason Wilson

Founder & CEO, Back Forty Beer Company Gadsden, AL Candidate Statement More about Jason My name is Jason Wilson. I am the founder of Back Forty Beer Company, and President of the Alabama Brewers Guild. In addition to these primary …More

Jim Koch

Brewer/Founder, The Boston Beer Company Boston, Massachusetts Candidate Statement More about Jim Never has the United States seen so many craft breweries thriving all at the same time! We now have nearly 4,000 breweries in the U.S. with more …More

Larry Chase

Head Brewer, Standing Stone Brewing Company Ashland, OR Candidate Statement More about Larry Brewpubs and the Brewers Association Brewpubs have a unique position in the craft brewing world in that we are on the front lines of introducing people to the …More