Julia Herz

Julia is craft beer program director at the Brewers Association and publisher of CraftBeer.com. She is a homebrewer, a BJCP beer judge, Certified Cicerone®, co-author of the CraftBeer.com Beer & Food Course and co-author of Beer Pairing (Voyageur Press). In her role at the BA she serves as an educator and as a spokesperson for the association.

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Brewer Delivers Important Message to the Media

Prior to the Friday session of the Great American Beer Festival® (GABF), the Brewers Association hosted a press conference. On behalf of small and independent craft brewers and the Brewers Association Board of Directors, Scott Metzger shared …More

Today’s Craft Beer Lovers: Millennials, Women and Hispanics

As craft beer continues to rise, so does the amount of data to digest. The ever-present question is, “Who is the craft beer lover and what makes them tick?” At the Craft Brewers Conference, held in May in Philadelphia, Mike Kallenberger  (Troposbrand.com) and Lindsay Kunkle (The Futures Company) presented one of …More

Dissecting Craft Brewer Data

So much has changed in the world of America’s small and independent craft brewers since I became the Brewers Association (BA) craft beer program director in 2007. The segment has grown exponentially as the total …More

The Importance of Defining Small and Independent

American Craft Beer Week (May 15-21, 2017) is upon us. For the past 12 years, the Brewers Association Craft Beer Program has organized a national celebration dedicated to highlighting our small and independent craft brewers. …More

The Winning Case for Beer Pairing on the Menu

“You say you want a revolution,” go the Beatles lyrics. Well, yes, I do—and I know you do too. With craft beer sales nipping at the heels of wine sales, and the full-flavored beer movement …More

Guild Leaders Predict 2016 Trends

Predictions: Everyone loves them, especially because sometimes they turn out to be right! If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on predictions from those most closely connected to today’s small brewers. Call …More

Craft Brewers’ 2014 Charitable Donations Top $71M

Whenever I speak about what’s going on with small and independent craft breweries, one thing I’m always excited to emphasize is how charitable craft brewers are. I’m inspired to say it again and again: Craft …More

How Are You Communicating Shelf Life?

Freshness matters. Distributors, retailers and beer lovers all expect brewers to establish shelf life estimates for each of their brands. Doing so is not only important to the reputation of beer as a beverage, but also …More