Acacia Coast

After developing an appreciation for craft beer while living in Portland, Ore., Acacia moved to Durango, Colo., for college, and finished her degree in international business in Chambéry, France. After college, she began work with the Center for Creative Leadership, a world-renowned non-profit executive leadership and research organization. During her four years at CCL, she coordinated and managed leadership programs for executives from countless industries around the world. Currently, Acacia works with the BA's government affairs team as the state brewers associations coordinator, traveling the nation in support of America’s craft brewers guilds.

  1. CCBA bi-annual meeting in San Diego always impressive & informative, all seminars host top-notch speakers. Be sure to check out the upcoming CA Craft Beer Summit!
  2. Closed Hawaiian CBG meet with project deadlines & progress promised… headed to CA CBA meet in SDO today.
  3. Headed to NY for annual NYSBA meeting and TapNY local craft beer & food fest at Hunter Mtn.
  4. Joining BA staff in Denver for GABF. Looking forward to discussing state guilds at the Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion.
  5. Meeting with the leadership of 11 state guilds at the annual Midwest regional guild gathering.
  6. Hill Climb huge success. Over 250 meetings.

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