Acacia Coast

Acacia serves as brewers guilds manager on the Brewers Association Government Affairs team. Since 2011, she has been working to support the organizational development of more than 60 small non-profit U.S. state and regional brewers associations—also known as guilds. Currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Acacia’s role includes traveling to 20+ states and over 80 craft breweries each year, attending Capitol Hill climbs, brewers guild meetings, various national and international brewing and association management conferences, regulatory agency conferences, and of course beer festivals.

  1. 31 state brewers guilds here in Madison for BA’s 2017 Guilds Leadership Summit!
  2. In Whitefish talking economic development of beer at Western Governors Conference today.
  3. Jetting off to D.C. for BA’s June Hill Climb and the always extraordinary SAVOR beer+food pairing gala.
  4. Road trip north to the Cowboy State for a WY Craft Brewers Guild meeting and fest in Jackson today.
  5. Off to spend a beautiful weekend in NW Arkansas for an AR Brewers Guild meeting!
  6. NV Craft Brewers Association member meeting today in Reno with 30+ indie NV breweries.

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