West Virginia Introduces Bill to Lessen State Regulations on Craft Beer

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During the 2019 West Virginia legislative session, Senate Bill 529 was introduced to lessen state regulations that many in the craft beer industry have been looking to address for years.

Growler Sales Maximum

The key component of SB 529 that members of the West Virginia Craft Brewers Guild (WVCBG) especially endorsed was the removal of the prior limitation of a maximum of two gallons per patron per day on the sales of growlers. A previous law passed in 2015 allowed for only two 64 oz. growlers or four 32 oz. crowlers to be sold per patron per day.

ABV Cap Increase

The WVCBG also worked with lawmakers to increase the alcohol cap on beer from 12 percent to 15 percent. This is a huge opportunity for West Virginia brewers to be more competitive to surrounding states. This increase is the state’s largest brewing cap since it was raised from 6 percent to 12 percent in 2009.

Special Events Licenses

SB 529 also includes a number of other changes that will encourage growth beyond the doors of breweries. The bill creates a temporary one-day floor extension to an existing license for certain retailers to provide craft beer events on adjacent spaces. Additionally, the bill creates a new special license for one-day charitable events that will help non-profits and other organizations have additional options to serve craft beer.

The state’s brewers are excited to ride this next big wave of craft beer innovation and growth. See the full bill language here.