West Virginia Craft Brewers Highlighted During Beer Week

In an article written for a local news outlet, West Virginia Craft Brewers Guild President Sam Mauzy reflected on the history of small brewers in the state, and how they’ve grown to make a big impact.

More importantly, he emphasized the importance of modernizing laws to fit the the changing business environment. With a change in the legal statue to allow breweries to sell direct to consumers, West Virginia breweries began to open across the state. In 2009, another law raised the allowable alcohol cap, and led to even more brewery openings.

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The guild plays a key role in supporting legislative efforts that help small brewery business grow. West Virginia breweries even have their own beer week—celebrating the state’s flourishing beer scene, and the craft brewers in West Virginia who are creating new economic opportunities and bringing tourism, jobs, and community development to the state.

Read Sam’s full article on WestVirginaPress.org.

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