Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion at GABF Celebrates 8th Year

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The Support Your Local Brewer Pavilion is celebrating its 8th year at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival®. The pavilion, dedicated to promoting state and regional brewers guilds, is serving 170 unique beers, from 20 guilds.

Guilds at the pavilion:

  • Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
  • Colorado Brewers Guild
  • Connecticut Brewers Guild
  • D.C. Brewers Guild
  • Florida Brewers Guild
  • Georgia Craft Brewers Guild
  • Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild
  • Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
  • Brewers of Indiana Guild
  • Iowa Brewers Guild
  • Michigan Brewers Guild
  • Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
  • New Mexico Brewers Guild
  • New York State Brewers Association
  • North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild
  • Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  • Oregon Brewers Guild
  • Texas Craft Brewers Guild
  • Washington Beer Commission
  • Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild

The D.C., Illinois and Iowa guilds are each participating for the first time in 2015. When the pavilion began in 2008, only six guilds participated—Colorado, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, San Diego.

Attendees gained a better insight into state guilds and their leaders through a scavenger hunt, collecting signatures when they stopped by a booth, which they handed in for beer koozie.

State brewers guilds work year round to protect and promote local brewers. Their hard work and dedication ensures that small and independent breweries continue to succeed.

Find your local guild!