Rhode Island Guild Focuses on Fundraising and Promotion

In July, I met with the Rhode Island Brewers Guild (RIBG) Board of Directors for a meeting at Coastal Extreme Brewing Co. The RIBG, founded in 2012 and headed by a board of five, represents 14 member breweries–and three scheduled to open soon. The RIBG hosts numerous fundraising events, including participation in the upcoming The Big E, in Springfield, Mass. The RIBG board desires additional organizational support, so they are now considering hiring staff. They also continue working together on legislation with numerous policy challenges impacting breweries.

In an effort to encourage tourism and increase awareness of the state’s breweries, brewers are collaborating on a successful brewery trail passport program with a beautiful collaboration beer for visiting all 14 breweries!

Here’s more on this initiative, from the guild:

Rhode Island’s craft breweries have come up with a unique reward for beer lovers in the Ocean State. The Rhode Island Brewers Guild recently brewed a collaborative Belgian-style strong ale called “End of the Rhode.” A 22-oz bottle is awarded to any guest who completes the Guild’s passport program. Completing the passport is actually the only way to try this delicious exclusive beer, which has proven to be an exciting and effective incentive for driving beer tourism across the smallest state in the union. There are currently 15 breweries participating in the program, and that number is growing as Rhode Island’s craft beer industry continues to blossom!

Acacia serves as brewers guilds manager on the Brewers Association Government Affairs team. Since 2011, she has been working to support the organizational development of more than 60 small non-profit U.S. state and regional brewers associations—also known as guilds. Currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Acacia’s role includes traveling to 20+ states and over 80 craft breweries each year, attending Capitol Hill climbs, brewers guild meetings, various national and international brewing and association management conferences, regulatory agency conferences, and of course beer festivals.

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