Protect Indie Beer: Visit the GABF Guilds Pavilion

Where can you find 24 state brewers guilds, with 223 unique beers, from 208 breweries, all in one glorious place?

At the 2018 Great American Beer Festival®‘s Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion!

Unified, active guilds are one of the most important means of protecting and promoting a state’s independently-owned American craft breweries.

This exciting pavilion inside the Great American Beer Festival hall is made up of nonprofit brewers guilds showcasing unique beers from their home states—all of which are not available anywhere else in the festival hall.

At this year’s event, there are 24 participating state brewers guilds bringing 223 individual member beers from 208 different breweries. Guild representatives will be pouring the beers themselves and also promoting their state’s beer culture, their fundraising events, and sharing insights on their critical mission to advance their local beer industry.

While festival attendees are visiting with guilds, they are also invited to earn a “Protect Craft” koozie by visiting six guilds, filling out a guild booth passport, and signing up to become a Support Your Local Brewery Beer Activist.

Become a Support Your Local Brewery Beer Activist Today

Already hooked? If you’re ready to be a part of the movement that helps support local breweries, sign up today at You’ll receive email alerts from the Brewers Association at the request of state brewers guilds when there is legislation that could potentially harm craft beer or provide opportunities to benefit small, independent brewers. These email alerts mean it’s time to call and write elected officials. The guilds, partnered with the Brewers Association, will provide all you need to make those contacts.

Learn more about how you can support YOUR local brewers at the GABF Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion!

Acacia serves as Brewers Guilds Manager on the Brewers Association Government Affairs team. Acacia's focus is on supporting organizational development of small non-profit U.S. state and regional brewers trade associations (also known as brewers guilds). Currently based out of Missoula, Montana, Acacia’s roles include crisscrossing the country participating in guild member and board meetings, climbing Capitol Hill, contributing to various national and international beer conferences, attending association management and regulatory conferences, and of course, reveling at beer festivals nation-wide.

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