Michigan Guild Organizes State Legislative Outreach

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In late September, nearly 80 members of the Michigan Brewers Guild (MBG) gathered to show a united front with the state’s elected officials.

“It’s important for us to host this event each year to keep our names and faces in front of legislators,” said Scott Graham, executive director of the Michigan Brewers Guild. “Our association is experiencing record growth and we are proud to have our largest representation yet here in Lansing.”

Throughout the day, brewers met with their respective Representatives and Senators and were recognized publicly on the Senate Floor by Senator Peter Macgregor (R, 28th District – Rockford). mibeer-leg-day-2016“We have some of our favorite people here in the gallery—the Michigan craft brewers. I know we all have our favorite breweries we like to go to,” said Senator Macgregor. “Some of the things we need to recognize in this growing business is they’re number five in the nation with over 250 craft brewers here in the state, with over 7,000 jobs. These are job providers. They not only fill our desires of great beer but they’re also employing a lot of people and they’re adding over $600 million to our economy.”

In addition to hosting a lunch with legislators, guild members gathered at the end of the day for a catered reception at the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum—rated one of the top auto museums in the country—located just a few blocks from the Capitol.

“The evening reception is our way of showcasing many of the craft beers from our member breweries, in one of Lansing’s unique cultural venues,” said Scott Graham, MBG executive director. “Sharing good conversation, a locally-crafted beer and a complementary menu of appetizers from our official caterer, Palate of Milford as we gather among the classic Oldsmobiles creates a truly memorable experience for all in attendance.”

Michigan’s brewing industry continues to grow in the total volume of beer produced and sold, as well as in the number of breweries. Michigan currently ranks fifth in the nation in total number of breweries and the guild proudly represents its highest number of members at 210 (and growing)—thus supporting its claim as “The Great Beer State.” Michigan’s breweries are located in every area of the state, operating as community-focused small businesses that collectively employ more than 7,000 individuals and pay more than $144 million in wages. The overall impact of the craft beer industry in Michigan totals more than $608 million.