Louisiana Brewers Advocate for Improved Regulatory System

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On April 11, the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild celebrated the inaugural guild-sponsored “Louisiana Beer Day” with a visit to the Capitol in Baton Rouge, La.  The group spent the day educating officials and advocating for local brewers. Many participants had previously never been to the Louisiana State Capitol—and it was an eye-opening experience. Brewers sat in committees, met with legislators and lobbied in the Senate and House as they gaveled into session.

After a busy day inside the Capitol building, the group headed outside for a beer sampling on Capitol grounds. The event was an overwhelming success—with a total of 20 breweries offering samples of their brew. The legislators are already asking when they will return.

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It was great to see elected officials interact with their local breweries and learn about this burgeoning industry. This was a huge step forward for the guild, as it looks to create a less restrictive and more open-minded regulatory, rule and law making process.

Cheers to the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild!