From the Great American Beer Festival: Protect Craft Guilds Pavillion

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Small and independent craft brewers are consistently facing legislative and regulatory challenges that pose threats to their businesses, and at the forefront of the fight are state and regional guilds. To help educate beer lovers about the work these organization do to protect and promote their local breweries, the Brewers Association hosts the Protect Craft Guild Pavilion at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

2017 marks the tenth year for this pavilion, which offered 178 beers presented by 19 guilds. GABF-goers had the opportunity to learn directly from guild leaders about each state’s unique culture and challenges.

Support Your Local Brewery Guild Pavilion

2017 Participating Guilds

  • Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
  • Colorado Brewers Guild
  • District of Columbia Brewers’ Guild
  • Florida Brewers Guild
  • Georgia Craft Brewers Guild
  • Iowa Brewers Guild
  • Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
  • Brewers of Indiana Guild
  • Michigan Brewers Guild
  • Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
  • North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild
  • New Mexico Brewers Guild
  • New York State Brewers Association
  • Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  • Oregon Brewers Guild
  • Rhode Island Brewers Guild
  • Texas Craft Brewers Guild
  • Vermont Brewers Association
  • Washington Beer Commission & Washington Brewers Guild

To find your state guild, visit the Find a Guild section of