Arizona Brewers Guild Wins Award for Legislative Campaign

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This June, Rob Fullmer, executive director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild (ACBG), accepted the award for the “Best Grassroots Campaign” from the Arizona Capitol Times.

This award is a result of the guild’s work to pass SB1030, also known as “The Arizona Beer Bill.” This new legislation allows breweries to expand their production limits without having to shutter their restaurants and tasting rooms, and can also guest draughts in their facilities. The bill is set to take effect Friday, July 3.

“We can’t thank the public and our customers enough for the massive role everyone played in getting this passed,” said Mr. Fullmer. “We said from the start this couldn’t be done without community support, and the recognition from the Capitol Times only confirms it.”

Many breweries around the state were already planning special events centered around SB1030 taking effect July 3. The guild is asking all those involved in the craft beer community to post on social media their “toast” (no matter where you are located) using the hashtags #chooseazbrews and #azbeerbill.

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was established in 1998 and represents more than 70 craft brewery members, as well as breweries in planning, craft beer bars, allied partners and distributors across Arizona.