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2012 Imports and Large Breweries

Large brewers and imported beer companies make up over 88 percent of U.S. beer volume. U.S. beer sales by non-craft brewers declined by less than 0.1 percent in 2012, an improvement of the 2 percent decline in 2011.



Imported beers grew 1 percent to 27.7 million barrels, about 2 million barrels fewer than the 2007 peak for imported beer sales of 29.7 million barrels.


Contract Brewing Company: A business that hires another brewery to produce its beer. It can also be a brewery that hires another brewery to produce additional beer. The contract brewing company handles marketing, sales, and distribution of its beer, while generally leaving the brewing and packaging to its producer-brewery (which, confusingly, is also sometimes referred to as a contract brewery).

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