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Beer and Craft Beer's Status In The Eyes of Major Media

Thousands of inquiries come into the BA offices each year asking about craft beer and how it fairs in the overall beer category. Here's a snapshot of statements and headlines in the media's own words describing the status of craft beer in the US today.

“Like wine, beers can be paired with food. And American beers may go just as well, if not better, with corned beef and cabbage than brews from the land of Blarney. Apart from St. Patrick's Day, people are opening up to the possibilities of beer and food pairings and finding it's not just a wine thing.”
- WTOP-Radio Washington, DC March 2012

“Craft beer has become a big business in the U.S. Though beer sales overall have been sluggish in recent years, sales for craft beers are up 15 percent during the first half of last year. And more breweries and brew pubs are popping up all over. In the last 30 years, the number of breweries in the U.S. skyrocketed from fewer than 100 to nearly 2,000.”
- CBS News, February 2012

“The increase (of craft breweries) represents a shift in consumer tastes toward local, artisan products, analysts say.”
- Washington Post, April 2012

“Any way you look at it, the growth of the craft beer industry continues unabated. While the craft beer segment is still a small portion of the overall beer market, it has shown steady growth the past few years. The steady growth is leading more entrepreneurs to take the craft beer plunge.”
- CNBC, March 2012

“Light beer is ceding ground as cabernet-loving baby boomers and millennials weaned on exotic cocktails seek more complex flavors in their brews.”
- Bloomberg News, March 2012

“As more Americans crave artisanal alternatives to Miller and Budweiser, the craft brewing industry — made up of independent brewers specializing in smaller batches of uniquely flavored beer — has exploded around the country over the past few years.”
- New York Times, March 2012

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