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S.3339 was introduced into the 111th Congress.

S.3339 S. 3339

S. 3339, introduced by Senators John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), sought to enact a reduced, graduated excise tax rate for domestic small brewers .

The following Senators  signed onto the bill.

  • Senator Bennet, Michael (Colorado)
  • Senator Bond, Christopher (Missouri)
  • Senator Brown, Scott P. (Massachusetts)
  • Senator Burr, Richard (North Carolina)
  • Senator Cantwell, Maria (Washington)
  • Senator Cardin, Benjamin (Maryland)
  • Senator Casey, Robert  (Pennsylvania)
  • Senator Chambliss, Saxby (Georgia)
  • Senator Collins, Susan (Maine)
  • Senator Cornyn, John (Texas)
  • Senator Crapo, Mike (Idaho)
  • Senator Hagan, Kay (North Carolina)
  • Senator Hutchison, Kay Bailey (Texas)
  • Senator Isakson, Johnny (Georgia)
  • Senator Kerry, John  (Massachusetts)
  • Senator Leahy, Patrick J. (Vermont)
  • Senator Merkley, Jeff (Oregon)
  • Senator Mikulski, Barbara (Maryland)
  • Senator Patty Murray (Washington)
  • Senator Sanders, Bernard (Vermont)
  • Senator Shaheen, Jeanne (New Hampshire)
  • Senator Snowe, Olympia J. (Maine)
  • Senator Stabenow, Debbie (Michigan)
  • Senator Tester, Jon (Montana)
  • Senator Udall, Mark (Colorado)
  • Senator Vitter, David (Louisiana)
  • Senator Wicker, Roger  (Mississippi)
  • Senator Wyden, Ron (Oregon)

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