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Congressman Visits Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.; Commits to Support Small Brewer Tax Bill

Continuing an August tradition, Congressman Lee Terry (R-Nebraska) made his third visit to Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. in as many years on Monday, August 15. More

Brewers Guild Update: Tennessee

Guild Development remains a high priority to the Brewers Association. Recently, Acacia Coast was in Tennessee to attend their initial guild meeting in the Volunteer state. More

Senators Tout Small Brewer Bill for Job Creation

Two senators visited craft brewers on Tuesday, August 8th, bringing attention to the proposed Brewer's Employment and Excise Relief Act (S. 534). The Senators recognize the bill as a way to create jobs, and support "Main Street" businesses w More

Brewers Association Federal Tax Efforts Featured on Fox Business

Bob Pease, COO of the Brewers Association, appeared on Fox Business to discuss federal excise tax legislation impacting small brewers. More

Small Brewers Triangulate on Capitol Hill

June 2nd and 3rd were busy days for small brewers and state brewer guild representatives in the halls of Congress, with three separate events focusing on Main Street brewery businesses, craft beer and small brewer issues.  More

BA Adds New Hire to Place Emphasis on State Guilds

With the addition of Acacia Coast, the new state brewers association coordinator, the Brewers Association is focusing on guild support and development in 2011. More

Federal Small Brewer Excise Tax Bill Introduced in Senate

On Wednesday, March 9, legislation seeking to enact a graduated beer excise tax rate of $3.50 and $16.00 for America's small brewers was introduced by U.S. Senators John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho). Joining Senators Kerry and Crap More

The 2010 Elections: What Happened on November 2nd and What it Means for Small Brewers

As power in Washington swings like a pendulum, it is important for the Brewers Association to assess what the recent mid-term elections will mean for the small businesses the Association exists to protect. Here's a recap of what the shakeup might mean More

Election Results: I-1100 Voted Down; Prop 26 Passes

Washington and California brewers guilds claim victory in election initiatives that would affect their small business constituents. More

Small Brewers Excise Tax Legislation Video

Why passage of HR4278 is important to craft brewers. More

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Industry Diffusion: How the Smallest Craft Breweries are Driving Growth

The release of the top-50 brewing companies this week is wonderful reason to toast the success of regional craft brewing companies. That said, in many ways, the release of the top-50 may be less essential to the craft brewing movement than it once was. More