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Pennsylvania Congressman checks in on Craft Brewery Expansion

Pennsylvania Congressman checks in on Craft Brewery Expansion

Pennsylvania Representative Jim Gerlach recently stopped in Downingtown to visit Victory Brewing Co.  The Congressman, who is also a member of the House Small Brewers Caucus, was invited by Victory co-founders and head brewers Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet who were eager to show off the brewery’s eight new 440 barrel fermenters which were being installed the day of the Congressman’s visit.

As elected officials return from Washington to their home states, they will likely be visiting with their local constituencies. With job creation on the minds of many, all over the country, many legislatures are making a stop at their local brewery to see firsthand one of the bright spots in the slow-to-recover economy.

Gerlach, co-sponsor of HR 4278 a bill that is aimed at creating jobs and helping small brewers grow their business, was no doubt pleased to see such active growth in his district. Before moving on to another appointment, Covaleski reports that the Congressman was given a bottle of Victory’s Festbier right off the bottling line; a simple and genuine gesture for the lawmaker’s support of small business and small brewers.

Visit: Victory Brewing Co. and check out Victory Brewing continues growth (video).

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