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American Craft Brewers Make Splash Across the Pond

American Craft Brewers Make Splash Across the Pond

During the mid-1960s scores of British rock bands took America by storm, a time that is referred to as The British Invasion. Fifty years later it seems the Brits may have their own occupation to deal with, from American Rocks Stars or to be more specific American Craft Beer Stars. The Great British Beer Festival wraps up August 7th at Earl’s Court in London. On hand in the Bières Sans Frotières area of the festival a contingent of American craft brewers has definitely made their presence known.

The excitement surrounding American craft in the UK spilled out to local restaurants as the White Horse Pub on Parson’s Green welcomed 10 of the States’s most exciting and sought-after breweries for a 5 course beer dinner on Wednesday night and a subsequent open to the public American craft beer celebratory tasting on Friday. The Brewers Association (BA) helped White Horse put on both events with beers from the Export Development Program. BA COO Bob Pease reported that the dinner was a huge success and the response at the Festival itself was quite, “crazy.”

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