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Technical Issue of The New Brewer

Technical Issue of The New Brewer

The technical issue of The New Brewer will be arriving in members' mailboxes soon. The July/August New Brewer highlights the challenges and opportunity that exist for small brewers. The magazine includes articles on barrels and barrel-aging; Brettanomyces; dissolved oxygen and small brewers' secrets of success. The backpage interview is with Wayne Wambles of Tampa, Florida's Cigar City Brewing Co.

Established to help commercial start-ups find their way during the early days of the craft beer revolution, The New Brewer has evolved for nearly 20 years along with the maturing craft brewing community. Today, The New Brewer offers practical insights and advice for breweries that range in size from less than 500 barrels per year to more than 500,000.

The issue's Online Extra is also available.


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