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State Guilds Take Center Court at GABF

State Guilds Take Center Court at GABF

For the second year a row, attendees of the Great American Beer Festival will find the Support Your local Brewery Guilds Pavilion in the center of the festival hall. "Brewers Guilds are an important part of the overall brewing community," said Pete Johnson of the Brewers Association, "It is important to highlight what they do and the effort they are putting forth in support of brewers in their home states."

Each guild features at the pavilion will be serving some very special beers from the their state's breweries. Guild beers will not be able anywhere else in the festival hall  which makes the pavilion a destination of particular interest to the most adventurous of beer enthusiasts. Additionally, the pavilion will once again host the American Cheese Society member's artisan cheeses along with the craft beers in the pavilion. The cheese table was an especially popular area during the 2010 GABF, one which attendees should not pass up.

The guild is sponsored by Support Your Local Brewery, the grassroots, beer activist network of the Brewers Association. If protecting small and independent craft brewers seem important to you, stop the SYLB booth and become a Beer Activist.

Guilds Participating in the Pavilion

Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
Colorado Brewers Guild
Florida Brewers Guild
Garden State Craft Brewers Guild
Michigan Brewers Guild
Nevada Brewers Guild
North Carolina Brewers Guild
Northern California Brewers Guild
Oregon Brewers Guild
San Diego Brewers Guild
San Francisco Brewers Guild

Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Washington Beer Commission

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