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Small Brewers Welcome Congress Back to DC

Small Brewers Welcome Congress Back to DC

Returning from the Memorial Day recess, members of Congress and their staff were welcomed back to town with a craft beer tasting featuring 23 Brewers Association (BA) brewery member beers.  On June 8, Members of Congress, 1,000 Congressional staffers and the BA Board of Directors gathered on Capitol Hill to celebrate the diversity and distinctive flavors of America’s craft beer.  A unique event on Capitol Hill, the variety of beer styles available to attendees complemented the artisanal cheeses and chocolates on offer, making this both a social and educational experience.

In addition to learning about beer styles and food pairings, attendees also received materials regarding H.R. 4278, S. 3339; the small brewer graduated excise tax legislation currently making its way through Congress, and the House Small Brewers Caucus.


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