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Governor Helps Unveil New Double IPA

Governor Helps Unveil New Double IPA

Arkansas Governor, Mike Beebe, did not need a controversy for a craft beer "summit" in Little Rock, where he recently stopped by Diamond Bear Brewing Company to check out the winter seasonal on tap. The President of Diamond Bear, Russ Melton, was honored to have Governor Bebee draw a pint of “Two Term” Double IPA for himself at the craft brewery.

The Brewer Association reminds members how important it is for small brewers to get to know their state and federally elected officials. Developing routine outreach and contact with local representatives can be an excellent way of ensuring that small brewers are not overlooked.  Many law makers, like Governor Bebee, support small and independent brewers and should be thanked for championing the craft brewing community.

See Connect with Elected Officials to find out how to contact your brewery's local representatives.



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