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Brewpubs: Beer "englaze"

Brewpubs: Beer "englaze"

In response to the brewpub segment's growth and the important role it plays in inspiring grassroots beer enthusiasts, the Brewers Association's Brewpub Committee created a new Brewpubs Section on This section provides an easy way to locate resources and news important to a brewpub's business.

Horst Dornbusch is a Massachusetts based consultant in the international brewing industry, the author of several books on beer, the associate editor of The Oxford Companion to Beer, and a regular contributor to The New Brewer. Brewpub chefs can find inspiration in Horst's recent article Beer "englaze". In the article he presents four recipes crafted by Michelin star chef Werner Licht of Haralds Kochschule in Munich, Germany.  

Horst writes, "Over the past few decades, beer has reclaimed its rightful place as both ingredient and accompaniment in private and professional kitchens. Beer for deglazing a pan, steaming mussels, mopping a roast, or providing substance to a beef stew has long ceased to be a novelty."

Read Beer "englaze" and discover new ways to include beer in back of house recipes.


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