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BA Announces Lobbying Activities as a Percentage of Dues

Because the Brewers Association is involved in lobbying activities in Washington, DC, primarily on the excise tax bills in Congress, a percentage of member dues are not deductible as a business expense. For 2011, 23% of member dues were spent on lobbying  More

Preliminary End of Year Brewery Count is 1,949

This number will certainly change as we move through our annual Beer Industry Production Survey. But the number is much larger than we thought we had a year ago. More

Craft Retail Dollars Up 18 % on 14 % Volume Growth

The retail price of a case of craft beer climbed to over a dollar more than a year ago, still under the rate of inflation, but perhaps reflecting the higher cost of ingredients.  More

Update on BA Professional Division Job Opening

Here is an update on the next stage of the hiring process for the Brewers Association's Professional Division Assistant. More

Job Opening - Professional Division Assistant

The Brewers Association is accepting applications for a professional division assistant located in our Boulder, Colorado office. More

Craft Segment Retail Pricing Grows 2.6%

The October 30 SIG scans show that craft pricing at retail is climbing, but is still lower than the inflation rate.  More

Scotch in a Can Raises Questions

The FTC recently reached an agreement with an flavored malt beverage company to require that certain beverages must be resealable. What will be the regulatory reaction to liquor in a can? More

Craft Retail Pricing Grows in October 2nd Scans

Stouts are showing a significant increase in retail pricing, which means that imperial stouts and barrel aged stouts are emerging in beer drinker choices. More

Craft Volumes Up Over 20 Percent in Scan to Labor Day

The heart of summer no longer belongs to the standard and light lagers. Craft brewers conquered the heat with hops, seasonals and variety. More

Craft Pricing Strengthens in August Scan Data

The increase in year-over-year pricing for the early August scan period nearly tripled over pricing gains for July.  More