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U.S. Brewery Count Rises to 2,336

The year-end 2012 U.S. operating brewery count is in and the number has grown to 2,336--an increase of 387 more than the year-end 2011 brewery census. More

Beer Drinkers' Right to Know

Craft brewers are standing up for beer drinker's right to know who is behind the beers they see at retail stores, bars and restaurants.  More

Conference Seminar Proposals Are Under Review

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) Seminar Subcommittee is once again hard at work reviewing the 160+ proposals submitted by craft brewing community participants and others who have some expertise to add. More

Better Beer Selection Improves Restaurant Sales

Some data came out that shows that beer sales start and grow with a better beer selection for customers. More

Breweries in Planning Climb Over 1,300

The Brewers Association's mid-year craft stats press release came out earlier this month with growth numbers for the segment. the July numbers for brewery count and breweries in planning are now in. More

August and IPA Day

India Pale Ales have become the most popular craft beer style, and August is the month we celebrate IPA Day, a grassroots celebration of this delightful style. More

2011 Brewery Data Now in BAMO

We have finalized an Excel file with five tabs of additional craft brewer data. These data sheets are now available for members in the Brewers Association Members Only area. More

U.S. Craft Brewery Count Reaches 2000

American craft brewers hit a milestone when our official craft brewery count reached 2,000. Let's take a look back at some of the recent craft brewery count data. More

What's That Sound? The BPA Clock is Ticking.

BPA is in the news this week. I don't mean Belgian Pale Ale. I mean Bisphenol-A. The FDA will rule on whether to accept or reject a Natural Resources Defense Council petition on the suitability of epoxy-based liners that contain BPA going forward. More

Cherry Picking Food Trends for Lessons for Brewers

One of the top 10 food trends for 2012 from the Supermarket Guru annual consumer panel presented at the National Grocers Association annual conference is that the American palate is moving away from sweet flavors. More