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EDP Updates

Export Seminars at GABF Friday October 11, Time: 2-4 pm RSVP

The BA is hosting an export presentation & discussion at this year's Great American Beer Festival. Discussions will cover Hong Kong with Laurie Goldberg from AmeriCraft Imports & on Europe with the BA’s Craft Beer Ambassador, Andres Fält. More

American Craft Beers Amazing Lunch at Alyn Williams, The Westbury LONDON

American Craft Beer & Food matching lunch at the Alyn Williams restaurant at the Westbury Hotel in central London, showcasing American craft beers. More

BA EDP Activities and Promotions at 2012 Great British Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival took place August 7-11, 2012 in London, UK and the Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador Andreas Fält was there to represent the BA and at sponsored events outside of the festival. More

2012 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Competition EDP Invite

The BA will again participate in the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival & Competition, one of Europe's largest trade and consumer shows.  More

European Beer Star Updated Info / Invite to participate

European Beer Star Awards has developed to become one of the international brewing community’s most coveted awards recognizing original, innovative beers. Shipping info is now available. More

2012 European Beer Star Award Competition Invitation to EDP Subscribers to Participate

Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members that we are participating in the 2012 European Beer Star Award Competition.  More

2012 Australian International Beer Trophies to View

Winning trophies in this year’s Australian International Beer Awards are now available to view. More

Great British Beer Festival Invite / BA Export Development Program

The BA Export Development Program for the fourth consecutive year is participating in the Great British Beer Festival. More

2013 Launch Plans from Sweden Systembolaget

2013 Launch Plan & Planned Launches from Sweden - Systembolaget are now available.  More

2012 Australian International Beer Awards Winners Announced

BA EDP members participated in the 2012 Australian International Beer Awards competition. US craft beer industry performed exceedingly well, winning a total of 156 awards.  More