Brewers Association

EDP Updates

Swedish Trade Lead - Bibendum AB

The Brewers Association is pleased to announce a trade lead regarding an export opportunity with one of the largest wine, spirit and beer importers and distributors in Sweden – Bibendum AB. This trade lead is being issued to Export Development Program sub More

2013 Australian International Beer Awards/Invitation to Participate

BA Export Development Program is participating in the 2013 Australian International Beer Awards. More

BA Export Survey for 2012 Year Needs You!

BA Export Survey for 2012 - Calling all breweries who exported in 2012 to please fill out the survey. More

BA Members win big at European Beer Star

BA EDP members win at the 2012 European Beer Star - one of the most recognized beer competitions in the world, committed to the traditional European art of brewing. More

Andreas Fält Presents Master Beer Class in Belgium

BA American Craft Beer Ambassador Andreas Fält presented a master beer class in Belgium showing the influences between American craft beers and Belgium beers. More

2012 Brussels Beer Challenge BA EDP Winners

Awards have been announced for the inaugural Brussels Beer Challenge. Congratulations to the American craft breweries winning 37 awards.  More

2012 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival EDP Winners

The winners of the 2012 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Competition have been announced – congratulations EDP members! More

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Visits the Great American Beer Festival

While in Colorado visiting agricultural events, sites and people, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited the Great American Beer Festival, and in particular the Farm to Table Pavilion. More

Opening Day at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

Brewers Association Export Development Program is participating in the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, which opens today, September 27 in Sweden. More

2012 Brussels Beer Challenge Competition EDP Invite

Brussels Beer Challenge Competition aims to promote the beer industry in a market that is not only a benchmark for beer but also home to connoisseurs. The event dovetails with "Brussels, 2012 gourmet food capital" More