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EDP Updates

BA EDP November 2013 Issues Review newsletter has just been released

Please enjoy the following summary from our latest newsletter reporting on the recent Export Development Program activities. More

Andreas Fält Enthroned as Honorary Knight of the Brewer’s Mashstaff

BA EDP's American Craft Beer Ambassador to Europe, Andreas Fält was enthroned as an Honorary Knight of the Brewer’s Mashstaff. More

2013 Brussels Beer Challenge Winners Announced

The 2013 Brussels Beer Challenge competition American winners have been announced. More

2013 European Beer Star Winners Announced

The European Beer Star is one of the most recognized beer competitions in the world - twenty-three BA EDP members won 36 awards in 22 different categories in the competition.  More

2013 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Winners Announced

The 2013 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival (SBWF) competition, one of Europe’s largest trade and consumer shows drew an impressive field of competitors from around the world. More than 36,500 visitors celebrated the festival.  More

Export Presentations at GABF

GABF Export Presentations at GABF. Over 100 attendees were present, including more than 30 international guests. Discussions covered our European activities and on the new EDP Quality Control Brochure. More

2nd Weekend of Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

2nd Weekend of Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival - Andreas Falt presenting an American Craft Beer tasting class. More

Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival Opens with American Craft Beers

BA EDP is participating in the 22nd Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, which opened Thursday, September 26th in Sweden More

2014 Launch Plan from Sweden - Systembolaget

2014 Launch Plan from Sweden - Systembolaget now in the BA Members Only EDP Resources. More

Great American Beer Festival Export Development Program Presentations and Reception

Export presentations and a reception, covering our European activities and the launch of the EDP Quality Control Brochure. More