Brewers Association

Beers for the 2013 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival on the water to Sweden

Beers for the 2013 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival and competition are now in route to Stockholm in a refrigerated ocean container - they are expected to arrive the 3rd week in September.  Thanks to all the BA EDP members who sent beers for this festival and competition!

The BA is looking forward to participating in one of Europe's largest competition, trade and consumer shows.  The show runs from September 26 - 28 and again from October 3-5.  This will be the BA's ninth appearance at the Festival. 

The BA funds a Brewers Association/American Craft Beer stand during this two weekend long event. 28 member breweries are participating by sending 104 beers for the festival and competition. Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador Andreas Falt will be a judge in the competition and conducting American Craft Beer School seminars during the event.


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