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Draught Beer Quality ManualDraught Beer Quality Manual |

When handled properly from brewery to bar, draught beer delivers what many consider to be the freshest, most flavorful beer available to the customer.  But the job does not end once the keg is tapped and the beer begins to flow.  Good beer quality depends on proper alignment of the dispense variables and consistent housekeeping practices.

The draught quality group focused on these and other areas to develop a clear and well researched resource of best practices for draught beer.

Beer 101 |

The material contained in this course is essential for anyone 'beginning' to take craft beer appreciation more seriously. If you work in retail sales, the restaurant industry or are simply a bourgeoning craft beer enthusiast, the Beer 101 Course provides a solid introduction to the beer universe.

The Right Glass |

Proper glassware shows off the color, supports the head, and focuses the aroma of beer for the best possible tasting experience. Find out what glassware is recommended.

Beer Style Basics |

Most style guidelines define various lager and ale styles by providing detailed descriptions of their characteristic aroma, flavor, bitterness (International Bittering Units), alcohol range and color. This is often more information than many beer beginners care to know. has kept it simple with some basic beer styles any server could master.

Beer Dictionary & Glossary of Terms |

It's important to know the language of beer! This is a helpful, ever-evolving, list of common beer and brewing vocabulary to aid those on their craft beer journey.


Beer Schools & Certification Programs |

If you want to further your staff's appreciation of craft beer by completing more serious studies, here are some of the classes and schools that will help them achieve a higher level of craft beer education.

History of Beer |

The history section on  provides historical beer information from a simple timeline to a brief dip into the early times, American story, the revival and where we are today.

Craft Brewing Statistics |

Get the latest stats from the right source: how many breweries are operating in the US, how much craft beer was brewed last year?  A great resource for your all your staff from back of house to front.

Industry Presentations (Members-Only) |

Download PDFs of BA staff presentation decks to share with your staff, owners and business partners. Topics range from State of the Industry to hop reports.

This is a great resource for draught installers, wholesalers and retailers and covers topics that include line cleaning, draught system components and design, gas dispense and balance, and proper pouring and sanitation. For a quick reference and easy to print pages visit the wiki-format website or order printed copies.