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What's on Your Menu?

What's on Your Menu?

Dazzle Them with Beer & Food Pairings

by Randy Mosher

Jan/Feb 2008 The New Brewer magazine

More and more, people are expecting craft beer to be integrated into the dining experience. Of course, everybody has their own ideas about what they like, but I find that people are hungry for information and ready to be thrilled by new experiences revolving around the flavors of beer and food. It falls to us in the beer business to offer up meaningful, stimulating presentations of beer and food. The kind of thunderbolt revelations created by a great pairing translates to the kind of strong affinities that mean more business.

So they’re queued up at the door. The beer’s in lovely condition, a rainbow of malty, hoppy goodness. The menu awaits. They’re looking for you to really knock their socks off tonight. What do you tell them? Where do you start?



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