Brewers Association

PR & Marketing

Sam Calagione
Dogfish Head Brewery

John Cochran
Terrapin Beer

Doug DeGeest
Cold Spring Brewing Co.

Paul Gatza
Brewers Association

Julia Herz
Brewers Association

Steve Hindy
Brooklyn Brewery

Kim Jordan (Chair Person, PR & Marketing Committee)
New Belgium Brewing Co.

Brett Joyce (Chair Person, Export Development Subcommittee)
Rogue Ales

Jack Joyce
Rogue Ales

Chris Justema
Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.

Greg Koch
Stone Brewing Co.

Jim Koch
Boston Beer Co.

Liz Melby
Harpoon Brewery

Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher Design

Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Jessica Parr
Boston Beer

Bob Pease
Brewers Association

Jeremy Ragonese
Boulevard Brewing Co.

Hugh Sisson
Clipper City Brewing Co.

Andy Sparhawk
Brewers Association

Export Development Subcommittee

The PR & Marketing Committee also has an Export Development Committee made up of Heather Douglas, Ron Jeffries, Adam Lambert, Fred Mendes, Charlie Papazian, Bob Pease, Eric Rosenberg, Mark Snyder, David Thibodeau and Eric Wallace (Chair).

More than 4,600 members - owners, CEOs, brewers, marketers, distributors and managers have made the investment.