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Dick Cantwell
Elysian Brewing Co.

Steve Crandall
Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Fred Czuba
Saxco Pacific Coast, LLC

Gary Fish
Deschutes Brewery

Chris P. Frey (Chair Person)
American Homebrewers Association Representative/BA Board of Directors

Paul Gatza
Brewers Association

Gary Glass
Brewers Association

Renee Greff
Arbor Brewing Company

Sierra Grossman
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Stan Hieronymus
Beer Travelers & Labinsky

Stephen Hindy
Brooklyn Brewery

Cindy Jones
Brewers Association

Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher Design

Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Bob Pease
Brewers Association

Matt Rattner
Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Jill Redding
Brewers Association

Susan Ruud
American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee

Chuck Skypeck
Brewers Association

Kristi Switzer
Brewers Association

Sumit Vohra
LoneRider Brewing Co

The Communications Committee also has a subcommittee, The New Brewer Content Committee consisting of members Dick Cantwell, Bill Covaleski, Paul Gatza, Brett Joyce, John Mallett, Tom Nickel, Jill Redding and Chris Swersey.

More than 4,600 members - owners, CEOs, brewers, marketers, distributors and managers have made the investment.