Brewers Association

John Mallett

John Mallett
Production Manager, Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Biographical Information: 
In addition to being a proud father of two great kids and a fun-loving, ski-patrolling organic gardener, John Mallett has managed all beer production for Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI since 2001. Across his 26 year professional brewing career he has demonstrated a keen interest in brewery technical education and training.  He has been Head Brewer of Boston's Commonwealth Brewery, Brewmaster at the Old Dominion Brewing Co in Ashburn VA and then founded and ran SAAZ, a brewing equipment and service provider for both packaging and pub breweries; some as small as 8 gallon pilot plants, others that produced 800,000 Bbls/year.

John serves on many Boards and Technical Committees including the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, the Brewer’s Association, the Hop Quality Group, and the American Malting Barley Association. He has authored 40+ brewing technical papers and presentations and has been a member of the Extended Faculty of Siebel Institute of Technology since 1995. In 2002, Mallett was the overjoyed recipient of the Institute for Brewing Studies Russell Schehrer Award for Brewing Innovation.

Candidate Statement:
For me, craft brewing is all about connection and community. The relationships that we enjoy are unlike those of other professions that I am aware of. We are a group that shares ideas and jointly grows a stronger relationship with our customers. As such, it is an inspiring time to be a brewer; every day, beer lovers continue to demonstrate a seminal shift in how they approach food and beverages, choosing not only more & varied flavors but also deepening their ties to businesses that they view as genuinely engaged in their community. This connection moves beer away from being a commodity to something more personal for them. As passionate voices for brewing, we are enjoying a rising tide that is growing an entire market segment for our historic craft. A visceral sense of community is what clearly fuels the daily efforts of much of the membership of the BA, me included.

As Co-Chairs, Ken Grossman and I have worked closely together to guide and develop the BA Technical Committee (TC) over the past three years. Jointly with BA staff, we have significantly grown this resource for the brewing community, in part through substantial changes in organizational structure allowing for greater membership involvement. As a result of this focus, the TC now has a productive and effective subcommittee structure that includes Safety, Sustainability, Pipeline and Draft Quality, along with focused ad hoc working groups. Assuring the continuation of development and support at the Board level for these industry-wide technical programs, such as the Draft Quality Guide, is integral to our continued success as a community, given the varying sizes, resources and needs of our membership. 

Contributing to wider efforts to provide a strong organizational and coordinating voice across the entire craft brewing community is of great importance to me. My significant and long-term involvement at both the Board and Technical Committee levels of other organizations including the MBAA, the American Malting Barley Association, Siebel Institute and the Hop Quality Group continues to foster dialogue across the broader national and international brewing industry.

History has demonstrated that potential challenges to our ability to brew beer can come from many directions. Cultural, fiscal, legislative & regulatory issues are important for us to monitor and shepherd, and there are fundamental changes occurring in brewing raw material supply that affect us all. To assure that our industry can grow, strengthening the dialogue with researchers, breeders, growers, processors and distributors will be of even greater importance to us all in coming years.

I am a non-ownership holding, practicing brewer that successfully applies the accumulated experience and perspective I have gained from my work across a wide range of brewery environments. 

My comprehensive understanding of operational level concerns continues to be an asset at the Board level.  Regardless of what our individual roles are within the community, technical issues matter, and I ask for your support as I run for a second 3-year term on the Brewer’s Association Board of Directors.