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Adding Value as a Financial Professional in the Brewery

Basic accounting is imperative to managing and running a business. This seminar explores other ways in which financial professionals in breweries can move beyond basic financial management and add value across the organization. A discussion …More

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Advancing Interests in State Legislatures

In this seminarÑexclusively for state brewers guild staff and officers–Colorado Brewers Guild veteran John Carlson discusses working with legislators, lobbyists and beer wholesaler executives to advance the interests of brewers at the state level.

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Aeration for Dummies

Every brewer knows oxygen is key to successful fermentation and great beer. But when, how much, and how often to add it? Discover tips for oxygenating for optimal performance, as well as insight into how …More

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Zen and the Art of Brewpub Management

If you ask established brewpub operators, “What’s the hardest part of your job?” many respond unequivocally with “managing staff.” By paying attention to a few guiding principles, you can take the stress out of managing …More

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