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Financing Options for the Startup Brewery

Bill draws on his experience of recently launching Port City Brewing Company to offer brewery startups information on financing their business. Topics will include bank and SBA loans as well as outside equity.

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Fundamentals of State Brewers Guild Operations

With a dozen new guilds formed in recent years, many guild leaders are looking for insight into the basics of managing their associations. Guild leaders are invited to join us for resource sharing and discussions …More

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Employment Law for Brewery Managers

This seminar raises awareness of employment issues common to the brewing industry and provides helpful tips on how to address these items up-front to avoid costly legal problems.

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German Hops in Craft Brewing

Co-founder and brewmaster of Victory Brewing Company Ron Barchet focuses on the qualities German hops contribute to American craft beer and the emerging trends involving these hops. Tasting samples courtesy of the German Hop Growers …More

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Get a Grip on Your Business

Wrestling with 136 different issues at the same time? Does it seem like you are trying to solve the same issues over and over again? Feeling stuck and frustrated? Learn how to take back control …More

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