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Customer Engagement

Kevin Finn will discuss the number one reason customers return to a restaurantÑpast experience. True restaurant success is based on how well it delivers on the brand promise to customers.

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Distribution Agreements and 3-Tier System

This discussion will allow brewers, marketers and managers to understand various laws regarding distribution and advertising to better understand what steps they must take on the front end to protect their companies from liabilities and …More

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Employee Ownership

This panel will discuss the how employee ownership can been used in the craft brewing industry as both a succession planning tool and a way to improve brewery performance. Jenny Briggs from New Belgium Brewing …More

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Barley Farming

Dan and a panel of farmers and brewers will discuss farm economics and the farm planning cycle. When do farmers decide on growing decisions, GMOs, quality and the impact on pricing from potential loss of …More

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Boulevard’s Waste Initiatives

Jeff and Steve will share some of the successful projects that they have helped develop at Boulevard Brewing Co. The seminar will look at how employee development, an entirely new company and throwing away its …More

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