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Natural Resource Management: A Team-Based

Speakers will outline the work of New Belgium Brewing employess to develop a cross-functional, team-oriented approach to manage day-to-day consumption of natural resources. Learn tips and ideas to create your own Natural Resource Management team.

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Packaging Line: Cleaning Regiments & Validation

It is believed that 50 percent of beer contaminations occur on packaging lines. New Glarus Brewing’s Scott Knoll will explain how to make cleanliness a top priority when making quality beer. Scott will reveal the …More

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Penetrating Chain Stores

Chain accounts are becoming more important today due to consolidation and thus are becoming more difficult to penetrate (secure promotions and distribution). Tom Fox will review insights from the CM Profit Group’s ÒSuppliers of Beverage …More

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Rise of the Regulators

Brewers formerly had to consider working primarily with TTB. Art DeCelle explains how the FDA, FTC and the EPA are getting involved with brewers and what jurisdiction exists.

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Sake and Beer Hybrids: Techniques and Approaches

As craft brewers worldwide seek new experimental pathways to creative expression, they are finding the study and practice of other traditional fermented beverages an enlightening pursuit. Kjetil Jikiun, Will Meyers and Todd Bellomy have professional …More

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