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What I Learned During My Rookie Year

Jamil leads a panel of recent start-up brewers to discuss some of the trials and battle scars in the models of packaging brewery, alternating proprietorship and contract.

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Why You Should NOT Start A Brewery

The Brewers Association is currently tracking 1,300+ breweries in planning. This panel of industry experts shares their stories in order to provide an in-depth look at what brewery start-ups should expect.

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Writing Your Brewery Business Plan

Christian provides an overview of what it takes to create a solid business plan specific to the brewing industry.

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Trademark Law for the Craft Brewer

This presentation gives an overview of what trademarks are and why they are important to the craft brewer, providing detailed information on how to see if others are using the same mark, as well as …More

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How To Secure Raw Materials and Ingredients

As more brewies enter the market, they may need to compete for limited raw materials. This presentation gives brewery start-ups the information needed to secure raw materials.

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Financing Options for the Startup Brewery

Bill draws on his experience of recently launching Port City Brewing Company to offer brewery startups information on financing their business. Topics will include bank and SBA loans as well as outside equity.

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