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Off-Premise Chain Sales Presentations

Steve Malcolmson discusses effective sales presentations and what works for retailers as they make decisions about brands, packages, displays and other retail matters.

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Surviving Rotating Handles

Craft beer drinkers always want something new, and this perception puts strain on brewers, distributors and retailers. This seminar discusses how to make the best decisions for your company in a world of rotating tap …More

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Distributor Management and Best Practices

A panel with both brewery and distributor staff discusses best practices for brewers and distributorsÑa methodology for positive relationships to achieve appropriate share of mind within a distribution house.

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Distributor Selection in a Changing Distributor Landscape

This seminar looks at the important decisions and procedures related to distributor selection. Joe Thompson presents current trends and the potential future of beer distribution and the consolidating middle tier.

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Forecasting and Managing Seasonal Beers

Darts are an entertaining game but the dartboard is not the most effective tool for forecasting seasonal sales volumes. Learn some tools from brewers of different sizes.

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Business Planning 2.0

John, Tommy and Adam offer advanced sales planning tips for the growing craft brewery.

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