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Launching Three New USA Hop Varieties

This tasting seminar launches three new U.S. hop varieties that debuted in 2013, two released by Washington State University and one released by USDA-ARS.

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Measuring Bitterness in Beer: A Quality Perspective

This presentation covers the existing techniques for measuring beer bitterness such as the Bitterness Unit, HPLC and other methods. They are compared in terms of advantages, disadvantages, costs, precision, repeatability and operational expertise required. Deviations …More

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Sensory Panel: Training, Validating and Motivating

In the fast-paced craft brewing environment it is both vital and challenging to maintain a strong sensory program. This session presents solutions to the challenges craft brewers face in starting, sustaining and growing a sensory …More

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Craft Malt Sensory Workshop

Craft malthouses are popping up around North America and many craft brewers are interested in using these malts as an additional way to express their craft and connect to their locale. This workshop compares five …More

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Using Spectrophotometry to Improve Your Brewing Process

This seminar helps small, expanding breweries diagnose brewing issues with a spectrophotometer and discusses how to correct those issues and grow into the process when capacity increases. The seminar includes methods for determining IBUs, oxidative …More

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Troubleshooting Panel

With the combined experiences of these technical brewery experts, there will not be many problems this panel cannot address. Bring your troubleshooting questions and learn from their experience.

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