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Economics of Raw Materials

The panel discusses the underlying economic factors that impact future availability and pricing of malt, hops, glass and paper.

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Launching Three New USA Hop Varieties

This tasting seminar launches three new U.S. hop varieties that debuted in 2013Ñtwo released by Washington State University and one released by USDA-ARS.

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Sustainability on the Farm

We all rely on high quality hops and barley to make our delicious brews, but what goes into growing those crops? What inputs are required to grow essential ingredients? Learn about the hurdles and successes …More

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The Economics of Craft Beer Festivals

BA Staff Economist Bart Watson kicks off this seminar with an introduction to the recently published economic impact studies. Jeff Dense then dives into the heart of the seminar, exploring the political economy of craft …More

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The Return of the Gourdians

Buhler and Jones present another action-packed, standing-room-only, music-powered seminar on the essentials of brewery promotion.

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Using Belgian Yeast: Three Belgians’ Perspectives

Belgian yeast contributes some of the most interesting and unique yeast characteristics to a beer when used properly. Along with great aroma and flavor development, there can also be many unknowns with Belgian yeast. Some …More

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