Florida Guild Update

Acacia Coast, State Brewers Association Coordinator, traveled to Florida to meet with the guild and attend their annual festival. Here she provides an update of the guild's efforts in protecting the craft brewing community.

Utah Guild Update

Acacia Coast, BA State Brewers Association Coordinator, attends the Utah Craft Brewers Guild meeting and provides an update of the unique issues affecting the Utah craft brewing community.

Guild Update: Texas

Acacia Coast, the Brewers Association's State Guild Coordinator, recently attended a meeting with the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. Here she provides an update on craft beer in the Lone Star State.

Oregon Brewers Guild Annual Meeting

Acacia Coast, State Brewers Association Coordinator, recently attended the Oregon Brewers Guild annual meeting. Acacia provides an update from that meeting, including topics ranging from festivals to government affairs.

Colorado Guild Update

Brewers Association staff, Acacia Coast and Pete Johnson, recently attended the Colorado Brewers Guild meeting. Organized by the Guild's Executive Director, this meeting brought together brewery members from across the State of Colorado to discuss iss

The Brewers Association is committed to providing resources to both existing associations and those in the conceptual or formative stages. Our staff attend 20-30 guild meetings a year to share information and gather best practices from a national perspective. The Brewers Association also assists state association efforts to fight state excise tax increase proposals and support pro-craft legislative initiatives.

If your guild has a useful resource to share or needs support please contact Acacia Coast or Pete Johnson.