Craft Beer Research and Service Grants

Brewers Association (BA) is proud to fund craft beer research and service grants in support of BA member breweries. Funding priorities include hop and malt research, safety and sustainability-related projects, however all projects will be considered by the Technical Committee.

In recent years BA funding has supported research and service grants for barley variety development, hop disease and hop aroma, as well as supporting affiliated national and state-level grower organizations. BA funding has also supported work for specific BA-initiated request for proposals (RFPs), including sustainability manuals and refillable and single-use keg guidelines.

BA welcomes your proposals for research or in answer to any BA-initiated RFPs.

Status: Now Accepting General Proposals

BA is currently accepting proposals for research and service conducted in 2016. Use this submission form to submit a proposal for research topics or services needing funding.

Deadline for General Proposals: Friday, July 31, 2015

Individual RFPs may have different deadlines.

There are currently no open RFPs from the BA.

Submission Form

Note: Once you begin filling out this form, you have 28 days to update and edit your proposal before submission.